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Ery and Fresia Talani built the first pile bent in the sand in Autumn 1963. Their son Giampaolo was of great help; his task was to choose and hand them screws, nails and bolts. The number of pile bents, tables, stairs, handrails, windows, doors, and so on multiplied in the following months. Ery turned himself into designer and woodworker. Fresia selected, retouched and painted each wood piece and made all the furniture cloth. Gianpaolo had already become a specialist in hardware. In June 1964, the picture at this beach located at the extreme South of San Vincenzo was lovely: a small white-and-blue main hut, 40 beach huts surrounded by multi-colour flags and a thousand of second-hand beach umbrellas and chairs as well as four old-style wooden (extremely heavy) rescue rowing boats. The sun was shining. Hope was in the air. Venere Beach Resort was born. Today the beach is beautiful and clean like the sea. Every summer, the good service and the smiling and welcoming appearance of such white-and-blue umbrellas create a lively, genuine and homely atmosphere. Venere Beach Resort keeps growing. Ery is an amazing captain and lifeguard, Fresia is an impressive cook and Giampaolo moves fast at the bar counter among drinks, ice-creams and coffees. One day in summer Paola appears. The restaurant room finds the best and most efficient waitress. The big sea-storm of 1981 destroys such vivacious world made of wood and colours in just few days. The “Magnificent Four” do not lose heart, though. With effort, faith and courage they reconstruct everything so fast that the next summer sea colours shine again, no longer on wood but on walls, and welcome swimmers happier than ever. Ery and Fresia leave but… Martino, Gianpaolo and Paola’s son, arrives. Venere Beach Resort keeps growing. Martino has grown up with this place, the beach and the sea. Now, he leads this incredible adventure with his good friend Stefano. For us it’s the greatest adventure of all. HURRA FOR VENERE BEACH RESORT!

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